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Plan Introduction

We aim at developing industry chain of digital currency ecosystem, starting from mining business, including mine machine and mine field that are under construction,while dedicated to creating a trade service platform for digital currency. In the future we plan to build more physical industry chains, such as BitCoin credit card (gross settlement platform), digital asset wire transfer service, etc, allowing digital assets to flow around the world and create more value.

Our exchange currently offers currency-legal tender exchange, coin and currency exchange, OTC trading mechanism, while BTC margin and BTC futures trading and other commodities will be available in the future. Our exchange has the following advantages:
◎ 24hr online customer service 
◎ Physical office
◎ Multi-language support
◎ Popular currencies, various innovative currencies
◎ Legal tender exchange

Mining industry can create passive income and steady cash flow. Thus, owning a mine field will be crucial for companies to have steady operations.

Trading platform plays a key role in industry chain and offers currency exchange service among currency holders.

Digital wallet is a widely used app for managing, transferring and receiving digital currency.

Users can pay with digital currencies that are converted by third party platform into legal tender, which could possibly find a niche in third party in the future market.

Market opportunity

Bitcoin soared up to 7000 dollars from 300 dollars in January. 2015. That is to say, its price is 500,000 times higher since its birth in 2009, exceeding all other investment options. In addition, while the value of Taiwan stock market totals at 1 trillion USD, the digital asset around the world has already reached USD, and still has a huge potential for growth.

ICO plan

SEVEN COIN token is the official token issued by SCOIN, simplified as 7SNC, which is the digital currency developed with Ethereum source technology. The currency in circulation totals at 60 million coins.The initial coin offerings (ICO) of SCOIN will start from November 11, 2017 to Decmber 31 of the same year.  

Plan Schedule

About the Team

In the team we have highly experienced professionals with deep knowledge from related industries. From plan development, financial market analysis, market opportunity analysis, technology support to logistics management, all the business aspects are thoroughly planned and analyzed by the team. Coupled with the expertise by successful entrepreneurs, we offer resourceful support to all the clients.

Chief Strategy Consultant

Hansone Liao

Liao is the current COO of Global Operations of Singapore AF International Group. With more than 20 years of experience of being in senior management team in foreign exchange financial industry and real estate organizations in Singapore and Malaysia, he is also the major decision maker and financial counseltant of the plan.


Jyun Lu

Having 10+ years of experience in engineering management plan development, for more than ten years, Lu has earned the award of Excellent Engineer of the Year by well-known engineering technology research institute in 2015, and is also an early investor of digital currency. With his deep knowledge and passion to digital currency industry, Lu is the initiator of the plan and in charge of team integration.

Chief Executive Officer

Ruipin Hsieh

As a successful entrepreneur, Hsieh was the co-founder of marketing system of well-known telecom company in 2000-2014, and the general agency of E-commerce in both Taiwan and China (2015-).

Chief Technology Officer

Sam Yeh

Yeh is a national CEF certified ethical hacker, the system engineer of well-known e-commerce platforms in Taiwan and China. Owing dozens of international information security certificates and network management certificate, he is also the lecturer of network marketing technology system, as well as the early investor of digital currency.

Marketing director


Owing a British master’s degree in marketing, Wang has 8+ of expreince in both Taiwan and China market. She is an early investor of digital currency, and is passionate about promoting block chain industry chain.

Framework Specialist


PhD of Japanese Keio University, Ran is specialized in is good at computer vision technology, and has published multiple thesis on international periodicals. She is mainly in charge of UI design of digital assets trading platform and KYC verification process.

Event&project manager


Experienced event manager and goodwill ambassador of leading chain fast food company

Strategy consulatnt

Tunmao Ko

Founder, wealth management advisor and chief consultant of Chuangfa International Real Estate Investment Columnist of 8bit&Cointime. Early investor of digital currency.

Strategy Consultant

Chenghsien Chung

Member of the Board of Supervisors & Market director of ASEAN of National Agricultural Holdings Ltd Marketing Director (Taiwan region) of Guangzhou Old Master Q Anime & Tech

Market Analysis Consultant

Bao Ge

Early investor of digital currency & expert of digital currency trend analysis.

Technology Consultant

Baochieng Hu

Early investor of digital currency & Mining machine reseller

Back-end engineer

Jhengbo Cian

Back-end engineer

Minghao LI

Front-end engineer

Karon LU

Front-end engineer

Shaye Wang

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